The Rauhut Group

Scientific Staff

Group Leader


Doctoral Students


Former members

Sebastian Erfort now at University of Groningen
Dr. Tina Mathea now with Bosch GmbH
Dr. Benjamin Schröder now at Uni Göttingen
Dr. Benjamin Ziegler now with Carl Zeiss GmbH
Dr. Philipp Hallmen now with Vektor Informatik GmbH
Dr. Taras Petrenko now at HLRS
Dr. Patrick Meier now with Lithium Energy and Power GmbH
Dr. Florian Pfeiffer now with Capgemini
Dr. Dominik Oschetzki now with Bruker
Dr. Michael Neff now with Cray Inc.
Dr. Shampa Santra now at University of Basel
Dr. Sandra Mähner now with Hauk & Sasko
Prof. Dr. Tomica Hrenar now at University of Zagreb
Dr. Stefan Schweiger now with Andreas Stihl AG
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